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Just Communication
Wild Beat
It's bee so long since I update my livejournal! I completly abandoned it... Anyway, around two years ago, I made this painting for a friend (and for myself, of couse) since there aren't enough 3x4x5 around. I'm pretty sure this is NSFW, but it's not exactly explicit.
Link in Deviantart: http://baguy.deviantart.com/art/How-much-does-it-take-368908962

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Fanart made (by me) as a birthday present for a friend, Illy-chan!
Trowa - from the anime we both love, Gundam Wing - with the costume of the boys from 2PM, 2AM and Beast dancing Sign (Brown Eyed Girls).

I rarely use colored pencils... and I'll keep avoiding them.

You can watch the performance on YouTube.

And my DeviantArt account is baguy.deviantart.com

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(this is actually the logo of a music group...)
So, my friend, Illy-chan, is a big Trowa Barton fan and was really excited to find this guy who looks a lot like him. He is called Pavel Baranov and is a model. The long face, the serious green eyes , and a few pictures he took with crazy bangs adds to the impression of him basicaly cosplaying the Gundam Wing character (I mean, look at his clothes!).
Anyway, she asked me to post some of his pictures on facebook, but I thought it would be more interesting to post it here on LJ.





I'm not sure if this artist was the first to spot the similarity, but I found this post on tumblr about it: Poupon

Also, I'm not sure if anyone will ever agree with me, but there is this guy, who has been my 'real life' version of Trowa for a few years now.

(Jonathan Chase)
His eyes aren't green, his bangs aren't as long, but there is just something about him that makes me think of Trowa. Besides, he is pretty handsome...

(ok, I actually meant 'hot')

Besides, he is the romantic pair of Mitch Morris in Another Gay Movie.

(a dorky Quatre)


And to finish this post, all the boys decided to make a tribute to their friend.

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Today is 12 / 01 / 2012!! HeeroxDuo / Heero / DuoxHeeroxDuo day!
I had completly forgotten, but my sempai, Kary Maxwell, reminded me *_*
Unfortunately, my HD is fried, so I basicaly lost all my yaoi pics of my favorite couple of all time T_T
So I decided to post my favorite official pic, which is basicaly canon yaoi and I love it.

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 Is it just me or...

Takigawa Yohei (Gunparade March) pilots a giant robot (Humanoid Walking Tanks) and have a cheerful personality.
His hair is brown and his eyes are blue-violet.

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Which is your favorite or least favorite comic book-turned-movie?

Favorite: Spider-man.
Least-favorite: Captain-America.


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(sorry, don't know the artist - this adorable pic is not mine!)

College it's been crazy lately. Fun, but crazy. I have some excentric teachers who think they are the only ones allowed to have a social life.
I should be paiting and writing a paper, but I got a cold, spent the weekend with a fever, so I decided to take a break.
It's been long since I have read or written a fanfic. I'm sure some people are giving up on some of my translations thinking I have abandoned them (which is not the case at all).
I've been accompaning the Frozen Teardrop drama in the fandom, but decided that I'm only going to read the whole thing at the end of the semester.
So, trying to take my mind from all that, I wrote a drabble from a fic I've been cooking for a while.
If I ever get aroud to actually write it, it's going to be canon, post Endless Waltz, 1x2 get together.
The prologue would be something like this: 
After the Eve War, Heero got married with Relena, and Duo got together with Hilde.
The four of them, eventually, started to live close (in the same town) because they thought it would be good to have friends who understood them near by.
Heero and Duo start to have an affair, but when they decide to brake off with their wives, Relena cames with the bomb: she's pregnant. So is Hilde.
Something like that. So the drabble would be situated around the middle of the story, and it shows a much more mellowed Heero (the kids did him well).
Not betaed, sorry!
If anyone could help me to find a beta, I would really appreciate!
ConceiveCollapse )

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If you could be any Star Trek character, who would you be, and why?

Even though I love The Original Show TO DEATH, I would be Data (my favorite TNG character). Now, if I could be Data in Star Trek TOS, that  would be just dandy...

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Are there any dreadfully bad TV shows that you wouldn't want your friends to know you watch? Confess! (This is LiveJournal, where we love you unconditionally.)

When I was 12 I was ashamed of saying I watched Dragon Ball Z.
Nowadays.... hum... I guess I'm a little ashamed of *still* watching Gundam Wing once in a while, when I bored.
I used to watch Next Top Model... I never liked to say that out loud XD


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Gundam Christmas Tree - Akihabara

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